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Final Fantasy 8 is coming!!! Square released information concerning this game and reporters said that yes this game will be out in 1998-1999. They released these previewed pictures on what the game woill be like. As you can see the chracters are kinda different. They have the more human like chracteristics and the backgrounds are rendered and mabye more beutiful than Final Fantasy 7(That' hard to beat!).Rumors say that Squall Lionheart will be the main character and the main chracter will die(of course).Also reported.. the Materia system is gone and gone for good.Well here the pics, have fun and anticipate this game, because its probably going to take over as the best game EVER! Two released chracters:

Laguna Loire:

Laguna Loire is an expressive, optimistic 27-year-old, with a strong sense of justice and charity. Popular with and trusted by his companions, Laguna is the exact opposite of Squall. Originally a soldier, he is now a journalist who fights for justice.

Squall Leonhart:

Squall Leonhart is a 17-year-old youth with a large scar on his forehead. He is expressionless and unfriendly. He's essentially a lone wolf. He cares not for himself, and shows no concern for anything else. Personality-wise, he is very close to Cloud.