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Crash Bandicoot 2

One of the most wanted games out there is Crash Bandicoot 2. The sequel to Crash Bandicoot, has nice graphics and is a challenging game. It often can take a week or even months to finish this game, and that's if you play it non-stop! The loveable Bandioot has to go through 27 levels gathering the 42 gems and the 25 crystals like Neo Cortex says or is Cortex evil and you gather the 42 gems for him. I won't tell you that because I wan't you to go out and buy this game I'd give this game an overall grade of an A, because I don't see anything wrong with this game. If you're skeptical rent the game and try it out to see if you like it, and if you do, go out and buy it!

Gem Locations

Blue Warp Room 1 - Turtle Woods This one's easy. Go through this level without hitting any boxes. You don't need to go into any bonus rooms. The only trouble spot is where there are a stack of boxes(2 high, five across). At this part jump on the striped box and go forward. None will break.

Red Warp Room 1 - Snow Go The red gem is a little tricky. You can see it, but you can't get it when you go through the level normally. What you need to is access the first warp room. To do this, go into Air Crash. Stop at the first checkpoint. The rocket surfboard should be right ahead of you. Do not jump on it. Instead, use the boxes floating in the water as a path to the empty platform to the right. Now enter Snow Go through the secret warp. Keep going on this path untill you see the red gem. There is also another, possibly easier way to get the red gem. Go into the level normally. When you get to the point where you can see the red gem and a seal, don't kill the seal yet. Wait, jump on his head, spin to get more height and then you should be able to get the red gem.

Green Warp Room 2 - The Eel Deal Finding this gem is dumb luck. At the first fork in the road, go right. You should be in a room filled with Nitros. Go around the Nitros and through the wall in the back. Continue on untill you have the shiny green gem.

Gold Warp Room 3 - Plant Food I don't mean to scare you, but this one is tough. Just before you get on the rocket surfboard a timer should show up. The idea is that you need to beat the level(don't worry about getting all the boxes) before the time runs out. I strongly suggest bringing 2 Aku Akus.

Purple Warp Room 4 - Bee Having Getting the purple gem is pretty easy. Go through the level untill you get up to a point where you see a stair case of Nitros. The thing is, they aren't real Nitros. Notice how they don't bounce. Jump on to the top. You'll warp to a bonus round that holds the purple gem.

Extra Lives In the second warp room, go to the barking bear and jump on him until 10 extra lives come out of him. This can only be done once.

Cheats for Warps

On Bear Down: Go to the small iceberg at the end

On Air Crash: At the second river, don't jetski and jump on the boxes to t platform.

On Unbearable: When the cub bucks you off go back until you meet him again.

On Hang Out: When you drop into a hole with no eels head to the foreground drop into the hole and go to the end. (press R1 to lift your legs)

On Diggin' It: Near the end kill a spitter plant an a circular platform and bellyflop onto it.

Review done by Micheal Japzon Mail him with comments or sugesstions just click------>japzon