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Phase One Systems, 351 Henry Street, Studio 2, Oakland, CA 94607 - U.S.A.
510-663-6764, 800-971-3733, 510-663-6781 fax

Phase One Systems - 25 Years Serving the Development Community

It's been a while since we moved our sales office to a new, larger location in Oakland, California at the address listed above. However, please check your records since many people are still sending to our address of the previous fifteen years. We're now located in a splendid group of studios occupied by software developers, electronic and traditional media artists, and other entrepreneurial enterprises. The sales line stays the same at 1-800-971-3733.


Our primary product is the CET BASIC language compiler that helps you keep your existing code written with THEOS MultiUser BASIC, and port it to other operating system environments such as Windows and Linux.

Question: Why use CET's W/32 application development tools? Why not just rewrite your basic language code developed under THEOS into Microsoft's visual basic or some other development platform?

Answer: First, if you use visual basic it will take too long and cost too much. With code of any complexity a rewrite is a massive undertaking. We have heard of competent, well-meaning developers taking on the job after estimating a six month time frame which extended into three years, and is still unfinished and unmarketable. Second, even if you succeed in rewriting the code, the new product never matches the old code, and users are dissatisfied and frustrated with the new application.

Since rewriting is prohibitively expensive and ultimately unsatisfactory what can you do?

CET's W/32 BASIC distributed by Phase One Systems is compatible with THEOS BASIC, MultiUser BASIC, OASIS BASIC, and UX-BASIC. This means you can keep most of your existing source code, and using W/32 BASIC, recompile your THEOS, OASIS, or UX-BASIC programs to work under additional operating systems such as Windows95/98/NT/2000, Linux or SCO UNIX.*

Consider the advantage of having similar source code for multiple environments. Keep your THEOS code and systems for their ease of maintenance, plus satisfy user requirements with CET's W/32 BASIC for Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Linux** or UNIX.

Programs ported to Windows may be run in text-based mode so that they appear just as they do under THEOS, or modified to include a GUI interface like those found in other 32-bit Windows applications. (As one developer asked, "What I want to know is can I make it look Windowy?" The answer is, YES, you can make it look like other widely recognized "Windowy" applications that run under Windows.)

We also distribute a full line of THEOS-based software development tools including the CONTROL 'Plus' Database, the FREEDOM Report Writer, and the file sorting utility VSORT. The FREEDOM Report Writer, VSort, and the ACCESS Query Language in CONTROL 'Plus' are also available for CET W/32 BASIC. Additionally, there is a link for some free THEOS-based tools at the bottom of this page.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Phase One Systems. Twenty-five years in the computer software business is ample evidence we are here for the long run. Please join with us in our effort to supply dependable, reliable tools and applications customers can count on.

THEOS, and MultiUser BASIC, for the THEOS Operating System, are registered trademarks of THEOS Software Corporation.

CET's W/32 BASIC is easy to use. You just:

  • 1. Copy your THEOS (or OASIS) BASIC source files to disk or tape (or com port).
  • 2. Use CET's W/32 BASIC utilities to read your THEOS disk or tape.
  • 3. Recompile, adjust, and run your code under Windows95/98/NT/2000, Linux or UNIX depending upon which compiler you've chosen.*
  • 4. UX-BASIC porting requires a somewhat different procedure. Call for details.

For more information on making your code run in multiple environments, contact Phase One Systems.

Email: CET W/32 and Phase One Systems info

To connect with the Phase One Systems ftp site for CET related product updates, please click here. PLEASE NOTE: Some updates require keycode activation. If you are not sure about specific product requirements, please contact Phase One Systems prior to updating your product.

Here's a link for THEOS-based shareware tools from Thomas Baumgart near Frankfurt, Germany. Link to: THEOS/Tools

Looking for the latest THEOS-based ACCESS command for our Freedom Report Writer? Here's a link to the latest updates and downloads for our most popular THEOS-based product, Freedom. Link to: THEOS/ACCESS/Freedom

* Some code changes may have to be made. For example, changing "filelist" in THEOS to "dir" in DOS. Not all features are fully supported. Please call or email to discuss.

** For Linux we recommend Red Hat and SuSE. Please contact Phase One Systems with regard to Caldera, and others.

Thank you for visiting Phase One Systems