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Hello friends, hope you're having a good Anti-Valentine's Day. Even all of you people with dates out there. It's great if you have love, but for those of us that have been dumped on our asses, LOVE BITES! So show your single-ness with pride on this wonderful evil holiday: wear black, make evil cookies with black frosting, watch horror movies, send evil greeting cards, and just be plain miserable with the rest of us! Thought we'd send our greetings to let you know that you're not alone on this great little day we like to call THE PREQUIL TO HELL. So join in the fun and be miserable with the rest of us. Boycott those mushy movies! Throw the chocolates in their faces! (then eat them, cause we deserve them after all...) Be a heartless bitch (be in total control, honey!) this wonderous holiday and remember, it's okay to be fine (fucked up, insecure, neurotic, and emotional!)!!!! We're all joining together as the single and miserable sisters of the world! So happy Single's Awareness Day!

Love ya,
Nora and April