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How to Buy,Sell, or Trade Cards

For all of you on AOL who like to chat, but don't like the lag or can never find a topic you like check out mirc. Its the best chat network ever.

Welcome to my magic site. This is my first web page and I don't belive I could have chosen a better subject. If you would like to put up your have/want lists send them to me and I'll try to start up a place on my site to put them. I don't really have a want list and I don't want to sell or trade cards so I'm not putting up my have list, but I don't mind putting up yours. If you orginize deals with other people you don't have to trust them. See above. Send the goods to me at: Travis Halbert 30231 Red Lure Canyon Lake, CA 92587 This page is always under major contruction. I always want to make it better. So E-mail me with input on what I could do different or Ideas.

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