Misc.: (Yup, Pretty much a Miscellanious deck)
4 Breathstealer's Crypt
4 Teferi's Puzzle Box
2 Prosperity
4 Snake Basket
2 Dark Banishing
4 Necromancy
2 Nocturnal Raid
2 Carrion
2 Undo
2 Boomerang
4 Vision Charm
2 Mind Bend
2 Mystical Tutor
4 Dark Ritual
10 Swamp
10 Island
It gets a bit confusing, so listen up. An ideal draw for this deck will get you a Crypt on turn 2 with an Island, a Swamp and a Ritual. This will practically stop the flow of creatures your opponent will be getting. Then the Puzzle Box will allow you to filter the deck even faster. Snake Baskets are a great way to make fake critters, and Necromancy get your opponents to work for you. By Mind Bending the Snake Baskets, you have perfect targets for Nocturnal Raid, and a big all out attack in the end. Carrion also provides black tokens for the Raid. If all else fails, use Vision Charms and Prosperity to deck your opponent. Boomerangs and Undos will get the critters off the table and back to the bottom of the deck (Thanks to the Puzzle Box).
1 Prosperity
4 Fallen Askari
4 Crystal Golem
2 Aku Djinn
2 Undo
2 Boomerang
Yup, Transforming sideboard over here. If the combo isn't working, or you're playing against a fellow creatureless deck, Side out the Undos, Crypts, Banishings and 2 Puzzle Boxes to grab the creatures from the sideboard.
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