Land Destruction:
4 Army Ants
4 Stone Rain
4 Choking Sands
4 Desolation
2 Tar Pit Warrior
2 Fallen Askari
2 Wall of Corpses
2 Suq'Ata Lancer
2 Burning Shield Askari
4 Miser's Cage
Mana Sources:
11 Swamp
7 Mountain
3 Sisay's Ring
2 Fire Diamond
4 Charcoal Diamond
3 Mana Prism
The deck usage should be pretty obvious, as you should try to cast Desolation with A Fire Diamond and 2 Charcoal Diamonds, or some other way of producing each of these mana amounts 1BB, 1BR, or 2R Then you can cast everything without losing lands to Desolation, and they can be saved for the Ants. Wall of Corpses is good for incoming Wildfire Emmisarys, and Tar Pit Warrior's Drawback should be trivial when your opponent has little to no mana.
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