Direct Damage:
4 Disintegrate
2 Incinerate
4 Lightning Bolt
2 Guerrilla Tactics
2 Drain Life
2 Sengir Vampire
1 Hypnotic Specter
1 Shivan Dragon
2 Goblin Balloon Brigade
1 Agnet of Stromgald
1 Demonic Consultation
1 Diseased Vermin
1 Ihsan's Shade
1 Márton Stromgald
1 Will-O-The-Wisp
2 Order of the Ebon Hand
1 Lim-Dul's Paladin
1 Eron the Relentless
1 Hyalopterous Lemure
Permanent Removal:
1 Nevinyrral's Disk
3 Feast or Famine
2 Blood Lust
1 Spoils of War
9 Swamp
4 Dark Ritual
9 Mountain
With such a wide variety of creatures, your opponent can't stop guessing. Which will let you get off a Massive Disintigrate, or Drain life through the Agent. Or perhaps while thinking about some other creatures, your Diseased Vermin sneak by (Heck, they're just little 1/1s, I'll read the text later). And after a few creatures have been tossed to the Feast or Famine (or anything else for that matter) make a super giant Sengir with the Spoils of War. (Also works great with the Disk.)
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