Creature Ehnancements:
2 Nature's Chosen
2 Living Armor
3 Spirit Link
4 Carapace
1 Lure
2 Giant Growth
3 Castle
3 Mesa Pegasus
1 Yavimaya Gnats
1 Craw Giant
2 Carnivorous Plant
2 Wild Aesthir
1 Gorilla Berserkers
1 Deadly Insects
2 Kjeldoran Skyknight
1 Spore Flower
3 Whip Vine
2 Icatian Phalanx
4 Disenchant
2 Hymn of Rebirth
2 Swords to Plowshares
2 Stream of Life
2 Fountain of Youth
12 Forest
12 Plains
You're saying to yourself... Oh my god! More than 60 cards! It can't work!!! WRONG!!! IT works because this deck can afford to wait. With Whip Vines, this deck can handle most small flyers, and adding Castles and Carapaces makes them able to handle any sized flyer. Also, if you feel like you need a Ley Druid, there's Nature's Chosen, which turns a white creature into a walking untap machine, allowing it to tap to untap something once per turn, and untap once during each of your turns. And when you're tired of waiting, and both sides have a sizeable army, start the fun with a Craw Giant, or Gorilla Berserkers. (Trrust me, you'll have enough time to find one)
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