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Welcome to
LadyMisty's Stamps Page !

Penny Black
I've been collecting stamps since I was about 12 years old (and I'm 27 now !)
I think stamp collecting is alot of fun, and I enjoy it today for much the same reasons
that I first fell in love with stamps when I was younger. . . that is, I am fascinated by the
endless different colors, artwork, pictures, shapes, sizes, and so on. I love to get new
stamps and spend hours sorting them and adding them to my albums.

I live in Canada, so that means I have tons of extra USA and Canada stamps to trade. I especially
like to collect foreign stamps, and below you can click on my links to see exactly what countries I
am looking for and what doubles I have to trade ! My goal right now is to find at least a few stamps
for every country for which I don't yet have any . . (and when u see my list you'll know this is no easy
task ! There are hundreds of countries I need stamps for !) I hope you can help :-)

  Let's Trade !  - Here's a list of my extra stamps, mostly used - USA, Canada, and worldwide.

  My Wanted List  - These are the countries I don't have stamps for. Maybe u can help me collect them ?

 Stamp Links  - Check out these other cool and informative stamps websites..


Email me if you want to trade, or even if you have some of the stamps I want for sale, I am kind of
interested in buying so long as it's a reasonable price.  Can't wait to hear from you !

Add your URL  - If you have a stamps page, let me know and I will add your link !

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