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"Wow! can you believe it?? White Lady finally got around to updating this page!! [oohh....ahhhh..]

So let's talk about Luna P... yes, I know some of you may think she doesn't technically qualify as a moon kitty, but she's important too! Luna P is Chibi-Usa's guardian. When Chibi-Usa falls from the sky into the senshi's lives, Luna P comes with her. Luna P is an amazing toy that can turn into anything Chibi-Usa's little heart desires.. [wouldn't you want one of those too? I know I would!]

We find out more about Luna P when Chibi-Usa's dreams are taken over by the black moon... Luna P changes into a small hologram of an unknown sailor who tells the others [who were completely baffled] what's wrong with Chibi-Usa. This is our first introduction to Sailor Pluto, the guardian of time. Sailor Pluto helped Chibi-Usa come to the past so she could save Crystal Tokyo [but that's another story] and she gave Luna P to Chibi-Usa. When Chibi-Usa turns into Black Lady Luna P's personality is changed too, and she is Chibi-Usa's only friend. But, not worry, everything is resolved and things return to normal once again, including Luna P =^.^=

More to come!

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