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Luna & TuxWelcome to Catnip & Roses. This is a unique idea from the minds of the Black Neko Clan: A combined shrine to Tuxedo Kamen and the Moon Kitties. This will basically be a gallery of pics which have Mamo and the Kitties, as soon as I have time to get get it up. Time is a precious comodity, since exams are coming up, but I will have time to get this up after exams, so pleez visit again soon!!

Happy Birthday Mamo-chan!

August 3rd

Be careful and watch out for falling objects, as we are under _heavy_ construction.

Luna says Meow!

White Lady here. Looks like not much is getting done, as three quarters of the black neko clan are busy hosting sobfest '98... don't ask! Anyhoo, I should be working on my essay that's due tomorrow, but somehow I'm not in the mood, so I've decided to edit together a picture of Tux and Luna for your viewing enjoyment. Hope you like it!

Arty sittin' on Tux's shoulder-- tres kawaii! White Lady again... let's see... today is May 24th.. just thought I'd do a bit of updating here... this will eventually have a picture gallery (it's in the works right now) but until then, I'm putting up some pictures I've edited together (the latest one is arty and tux) when I was supposed to be doing other things... such as homework for example.... anyhoo, enjoy!

...Me yet again... if you wanna see a really sweet picture of tux and the moon kitties, click here.

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