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Diana's the little grey cutie-kitty that is guardian of Chibiusa, future princess (destined Queen) of Crystal Tokyo, and the kawaii daughter of the dynamic duo - Luna and Artemis. Diana is the innocent little ca who's consstantly asking *innocent* questions, and tries to act mature ... like her mother. Diana makes her first debut in the manga in Volume #5, Sailor Moon Romance (SMR). In the anime, she doesn't show until Sailor Moon Super Six (SMSS), episode #133. She basically replaces the Virtual Kitty, known as Luna-P. Diana is every bit as cute as she is made out to be, and is adored by just about everyone! Especially Mamoru. Like her parents, she becomes human in the manga (not in the anime). In volume #15 of the manga, Diana first gets transformed into a human. However, there's something a little different than her parents. Diana is transformed into a little girl, about Chibiusa's age ... WITH A TAIL. This gives us a pretty good clue to Luna and Artemis' history .. it suggests that they WERE human before they were cats. But, since Diana was born OF two cats, not two humans, naturally Diana is only partly human ... do you follow me on this one, or is it too far out?

Like her parents, Diana faces death in manga #17. After requesting permission from Neo-Queen Serenity to go back to the past to help Eternal Sailormoon in human form ... She got there just in time to run in front of Sailor Tin Nyanko's attack on her parents ... Her crescent moon on her forehead was destroyed and she was transformed back into a cat, and no longer had the power of speech. The same fate met Luna and Arty ... later, the cat's were killed ... I know that's not pleasant, but, like the Senshi, they get reincarnated to the 30th Century -- So, everything's happy, happy ...

So .. that's basically it ... More later!=^.^=

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