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BABECAT! That's all I have to say.

Let me explain about Babecat. Babecat is what I called Artemis the first time I saw him in human form. It was a pic on the net that was saved as Artemisbabe, so that's where the nickname comes from, in case you were wonderin'. This page will be under construction for a while, but when I finally do get the time to put up the story, if you think I've missed anything, please e-mail me, Rei, and tell me what I've missed.

LUNA-tic: Hello! Um ... I'm just filling in for Rei-chan for now ... Rei'll probably do a better job ... SOON!

Artemis is Mina-P's guardian. He's a white cat with green eyes (blue in the anime). He is responsible for the trainin of the Sailor Senshi, Sailor V, or Sailor Venus ... Artemis often comes off as a little vain, and majorly laid-back, when compared to Luna. Ah yes, Luna. Although Arty tries, he just can't seem to make Luna notice him. Or, at least, it appears that way .. Luna won't admit it, but, she KNOWS Arty likes her ... and she returns the favour. In the future, Artemis is the father of Diana, the little gey kitten. Artemis constantly tries to prove himself worthy to Luna ... he tries to protect Luna in every way ...

Arty makes his debut in the manga in volume #2, when he appears with Sailor V. Artemis becomes human in manga #14 ... Picture this, if you will ... Minako-chan is grasping desperatley to the edge of a building. If she lets goes, she'll plunge to her death ... Artemis clings to her arm trying in every way he can to save his mistress ... Until a large boulder is dropped on top of him by the enemy ... The end of Artemis ... I think not. Just when the bad goes to worse, Artemis uses all his power to transform into a human, and pull the boulder off of him - and save Mina. In manga #15, he becomes human again, to watch the "coronation" ceremony of Neo-Queen Serentiy and King Endymion .. and yet again in manga #17 - for the last time. Artemis and Luna are attacked by Sailor Tin Nyanko, their evil counterpart, while in human form. Their crescent moons are destroyed, causeing their inability to speak, or comprehend. Later, Artemis is killed with his family ... only to be reincarnated into the 30th century ... =.^=

Rei-chan .... it's all yers ... Minna ... Rei-chan can do a better job than me .. I just wanted you to get the basic idea ...

um... White Lady here... I just thought I'd drop by and insert a comment: Artemis really is a babe!.... Look!


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