Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'intrate

Welcome to my site. If you're seeing this, you probably know me, but, for more personal information about me, plus some pics of me I finally added...go here

The Coffee House is my poem place. So go take a look.

My rant page is new and improved! Actually it's the same, except it's in more than one page now cuz this damn editor is too small for my large amounts of angst. But, here's the new spiffy version for your pleasure. rantNrave

Between poems and rants there are ramblings

Everyday I beat my own previous record for number of consecutive days I've stayed alive.


Personal Favorites...

A dear friend.
A great band.
If you are greatly offended by blasphemous should go here >:)
A sadly underrated band.
MMmMMMmMm....TOOL...iz yummy
Good band.
My livejournal.
My online gaming clan, Burning Blade.