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Sung Hi Lee-(Need I say more?)

Sung Hi Lee Profile:

Born: Pusan, South Korea

Birthdate: April 1,1970

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 106 lbs.

Measurements: 33-23-33.5

Now, can you remember the first time you've ever took a peek at Sung Hi Lee? Well, thanks to the fast progress of technology, the internet has blessed us men(and some women) the privillege of sites that allow us to see such...ummm...what can I call it?....such....a...blessed person..yeah..something like that. Shoot...well relax you're eyes and enjoy the moment....

Print Media (Photography) •Playboy

•Playboy April, 1995 (Girl's of Hawaiian Tropic)
•Book of Lingerie September/October 1996
•Book of Lingerie March/April, 1996
• Book of Lingerie November/December, 1995
•Book of Lingerie March/April, 1994
•Book of Lingerie September/October, 1993
•Book of Lingerie March/April, 1993
•Sexy Swimsuits 1996
•Girls of Summer 1995
•Nudes 1996
•Playboy Catalog (Lingerie Modeling Shots) 1996

•Playboy Back Issues: 1-800-423-9494


•Pacific USA 1996 (Cover, Feb, July, Oct)
•East Meets West 1996 (March)
•East Meets West 1997
•Sung Hi Lee 1997 Sung Hi Lee Bio as found in the Book of Lingerie September/October 1996

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