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Two Guys A Girl And A Pizza Place Trivia Page

Hey. Here's the trivia from the last few weeks and the new trivia!! Enjoy!!
Special thanks to Jazz for helping me with the trivia!

"Two Guys A Girl And Someone Better"

1. What is Berg's student number?
2. What is Ashley's student number?
3. How many acritectural students (including Pete) submitted designs?
4. How tall did Sharon say she was?

"Two Guys A Girl And A Vacation"

1. What was the number on Berg and Pete's answering machine?
2. What did Berg say the person on the phone would have done if it was an emergency? (Instead of calling?)
3. What paper did Berg say he was from?
4. What magazine did Pete say he was from?

"Two Guys A Girl And A Tattoo"

1. What did Berg call Ashley when he gave her the check at the pizza place?
2. What time did Pete's appointment book say to be at the restaurant?
3. How much did Berg guess that lady from the gym could benchpress?
4. In their apartment, Berg & Pete have a football helmut. What team is it?

"Two Guys A Girl And A Homecoming"

1. What college did Berg, Pete and Sharon go to?
2. What was the mascot of the school?
3. What was Smelly's real name?
4. What were the call numbers for the radio station advertised on the side of a bus?
5. What was Berg's jail number?

"Two Guys A Girl And An Elective"

1. What is Johnny's job?
2. In Berg and Pete's apartment what are the bookends of on the bookshelf?
3. What is the college radio station Pete is announcing for?
4. When Sharon tries to get Johnny to prove a theorom, what does Johnny draw when he connected the dots?

"Two Guys A Girl And A Psycho Halloween"

1. Who was the first to die??
A) Sharon
B) The guy in the morgue
D) Ashley

2. What did the Killer use??
A) A Knife
B) A Gun
C) His bare hands
D) An Axe

3. What did Sharon Dress As??
A) A Mermaid
B) A Witch
C) She didn't dress up
D) A Maid

4. What was Berg's prank??
A) Dead body in the pizza place
B) a rubber spider
C) faking his own death
D) he didn't have one.

5. Who was the second person to die??
A) Sharon's date
B) Pete
C) Berg
D) The police officer

6. Who was the original killer??
A) Berg
B) Mimi From Drew Carey
C) Sharon
D) Pete

Scroll down for the answers. If you think you have a good trvia question send it to me and I'll put it up on this page! I'll try to have the questions up on Thursdays.

"Two Guys A Girl And Someone Better"

1. 9201
2. 8631
3. 200
4. 5'5"

"Two Guys A Girl and A Vacation"

1. 976
2. The Bat Signal
3. "The Daily Planet"
4. "Boys Life"

"Two Guys A Girl And A Tattoo"

1. Poodles
2. 7:30
3. 350
4. New England Patriots

"Two Guys A Girl And A Homecoming"

1. Tufts
2. Elephant
3. Steve
4. 91.5
5. 24601

"Two Guys A Girl And An Elective"

1. Jukebox Repairman
2. The letters a and z
4. A bunny

"Two Guys A Girl And A Psycho Halloween"