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Two Guys A Girl And A Pizza Place Quotes Page


Pete: "But you don't have asthma!" Berg: "Don't need it!"

Berg: "That's the wonder of me!"

Berg: "Ooh oranges."

"Two Guys, A Girl And A Presentation"

Berg: "Hold that thought I may have poisoned Pete."

"Two Guys, A Girl And A Guy"

Berg: "Aw Pete can I keep them? I swear I'll take care of them!!"

Berg: "8:40, firm arch support and emotional support."

Bill: "You did not just snap at me!"

"Two Guys, A Girl And A Celtic Game"

Berg: "Just play dumb." Pete: "We are dumb."

Pete: "Berg, you don't know how cute we look to larger men."

PR Guy: "Let me get this straight, you stole the banner, got scared and brought it back." Pete: "Hahahahahahaha yes sir."

Sharon: "Are you guys nuts?" Berg: "I'm nuts this is my partner pretzels."

"Two Guys, A Girl And An Apartment"

Sharon: "Why do I smell peaches?"

Sharon: "You guys are so losing." Berg: "And loving it!"

"Two Guys, A Girl And A Softball Team"

"Two Guys, A Girl And A Recovery"

Berg: "Woah....big brain!"

Berg: "You know what they should do? Make bigger charts that they you could write bigger."

Pete: "But Colorado's so far away." Berg: "Not if you're in Denver."

Berg: "Not the ladle!"

"Two Guys, A Girl And A Party"

"Two Guys, A Girl And A Chance Encounter"

Pete: "If it was that easy, why didn't you do that when she was stalking me? Berg: "When she was stalking you, it was funny."

Berg: "Molly has, how can I put this, a horrifying, scary, evil, violent side!"

"Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Delivery"

"Two Guys, A Girl And How They Met"

"Two Guys, A Girl And A Dad"

"Two Guys, A Girl And A Landlord"

"Two Guys, A Girl And Someone Better"

Pete: "You're a med student what the heck do you know about arcitecture?" Ashley: "My father is an arcitect." Pete: "My mother is a woman that doesn't mean I understand them."

"Two Guys A Girl And A Vacation"

"Two Guys A Girl And A Tattoo"

Berg: "Holy incompatibility Batman!"

"Two Guys A Girl And A Homecoming"

"Two Guys A Girl And An Elective"

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