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Two Guys A Girl And a Pizza Place Info Page

Hey guys guess what?! I picked up this new mag at the store that is all about "Ally McBeal"....but that's not the reason I bought it. In it, there is also stuff about other shows and there is a two page thing about TGAGAAPP with pix!!! It's rad!!

Jennifer Westfeldt, Julius Carry and David Ogden Stiers are no longer regular cast members on the show as you may have guessed. But where did they go? Well....Jennifer Westfeldt is now on the Fox show "Holding The Baby." I'm not sure why Julius Carry and David Ogden Stiers left. Also, remember Ted (Sean O'Bryan)? Sharon's boyfriend in the episode entitled "Two Guys A Girl And A Guy?" Well he can now be seen on the TGIF show "Brother's Keeper."

You can find out info about the actors on the cast profiles page! Here is some info about the characters:

Who's who:

Michael "Berg" Bergen: Ryan Reynolds

Pete Dunville: Rich Ruccolo

Sharon Carter: Traylor Howard

Melissa: Jennifer Westfeldt

Bill: Julius Carry

Mr. Bauer: David Ogden Stiers

The characters:

Berg: He's the crazy one. He just goes with the flow and everything turns out right for him. He wants to become a doctor and is in med school. Pete doesn't think he's well enough in the head to be anyone's doctor. He spends his time testing products. Some of them have been: An asthma inhaler (although he doesn't have asthma), talking shoes, and hand cream made for women. He always seems to get Pete into some kind of mess.

Pete: He's the down to earth guy who's trying to find "the one." Every time he finds a girl he really likes something goes wrong. Melissa is his "on again, off again" girlfriend, Lauren broke his heart twice in eight minutes, and Molly threatened to end Berg if he came between them. He's studying to become an architect.

Sharon: She works at a chemical company and hates every minute of it. The only reason she still works there is because she makes like a bazillion dollars and loves her beemer. She's looking for a guy but if she spends more time with her boyfriend then with Berg and Pete--well that's just wrong. Berg and Pete won't allowd it.

Melissa: Pete's sometimes girlfriend. One episode they are together....the next they break up and three episodes later they are back together and you don't know when it happened.

Bill: He owns Beacon Street Pizza where Berg and Pete work. He loves to laugh at Pete when he is miserable.

Mr. Bauer: A regular at Beacon Street Pizza. He is constantly telling Pete and Berg stories about his life that are from movies. He talks about such movies as: Grease, Sleepless In Seattle, Toy Story, and Jaws.

Ryan Reynolds on MTV Live

Ryan was on MTV Live on May 5th. He talked about wanting to become an actor, his dog Jobey, his hobbies, and his favorite acting job. He started off by saying that he was a big class clown early on in school. He thinks that secretly teachers appreciate that. (I have to agree with that!) He said that "Growing up I learned I wanted to be an actor, I wanted to do those sort of like cop movies and stuff. Of course that will never happen, you know, the cop with the bad attitude that doesn't play by the rules." About his free time he says that he likes to fish. "I go up to British Columbia, which is where I'm from, and go fishing and just kinda hang out, and read books." He used to skydive but because of a chute failure he has since stopped doing that. (I'm glad he stopped because I don't want to see him getting hurt!) Jobey is Ryan's two-year-old boxer. Jobey is one of Ryan's good luck charms. He loves this dog more than you could possibly imagine. (He is such a cute doggie!) Jobey can do "One, count'em one, trick!" (He demonstrates the trick but that's hard to put in writing.) He thinks that "A defenseless dog is an asset, definitely in picking up women." About the one acting role he's most proud of he says: "You know, I hesitate to say Two Guys A Girl And A Pizza Place just because it doesn't feel right because I've had so much fun on it." (Pause for clip of show) "It just feels like this little thing we did in our backyard and now it's, you know, a hit, that's what they're calling it." He ends the interview with saying (while laughing): "I've had, like, I've had girlfriends but not at the moment no. It's just, uh, it's just a boy and his dog. But that's good enough right? That's what gets you the girlfriends!"

My encounter with Ryan and Rich!!

This happened before the AOL chats in April. And during the breaks of the AOL chats. Ok so I went into the chat room at 9:15 to get a good row. There was another chat going on and I saw a PizzaRichR talking in it. Well I e-mailed them thinking it was a fan of Rich. It turned out to BE Rich!!! So I talked to him for a while and I told him it was my birthday and to tell Ryan and he did. So we e-mailed for a while and he told Ryan about my bday being the next day and that I love him and then Ryan wished me a happy birthday in the chat and then I e-mailed back and forth with Rich some more and then later Rich told me happy birthday and I had the BEST birthday ever thanks to Rich!! That was so cool because when I found out about the chat I told my friends that I was gonna try to get Ryan to wish me a happy birthday and he did!!!! (By the way they don't have AOL anymore) Also I went to a chat that Rich just had on AOL in the beginning of September and the host and people remembered me!!