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Al-Qadr, a reversion story

A reversion story
I'm the third person here, so bear with me.

A few weeks ago (end of May 2000) I get an ICQ message from a dear american sister I had met on line.  She's living in Pakistan with her Palestinian husband and children.  She writes that there is a new sister that she had met on line from Iceland that will be coming into my town for a week on a work related convention.  Would I see to it to take care of her.  I meet the sister on line (ICQ) and we make arrangements for her to call me once she reaches town.

I get the call from her (Amina) on Sunday (May 28, 2000).  I am so busy during the week, with kids and studies, and she with her workshops, that we finally agree to block off Friday for Juma' prayer and just to 'hang out' for the rest of the day.  It was all last minute for me in arrangement for a intimate dinner at my house.  I had invited just a few American sisters over to relax and have dinner.  One sister in particular, having car problems, is not certain as to whether she can make it, had made it.

While preparing the dinner we all sat around discussing various topics and swapping our reversion stories.  Amina fit right in, it was if we had known her for a long time. Masha' Allah tabarek Allah.

During dinner we press Amina to tell us her story of reversion.  She kept claiming it wasn't nearly as exciting as ours, or exciting at all.  [Little did we know it would be the most exciting story any of us there had ever heard!]

Amina had come down to Georgia to study for a year.  While there she had met an Egyptian Muslim man.  They started seeing each other socially and Amina then became introduced to Islam.  She began looking on line for Islamic Information sights. One such site:

Through ICQ a group was holding a da'wa chat where Amina found a group of eager Muslims to answer some of her questions.  She began to become 'convinced' and then would falter.  One particular night she met a sister that really convinced her to take her shahadah and they did so on line.  Now, bear in mind Amina is telling us this story and sitting next to her is sister Latifah who is looking puzzled all this time.

She interrupts Amina and asks: "Are you skuld?"

Amina is shocked!  "Yes, she says, that's me!"

Latifah then screams and says, "I'm the one that gave you your shahadah!!!! I have been looking for you to make sure that you had professed your shahdah with your tongue and not just your typing fingers."

Amina assured her that she had when she went to Egypt, there in Al-Azhar University.

We all just about fell over with excitement.  (Retelling this story still gives me goose bumps).   They embrace with force and are in shock!  And Latifah starts to cry.  Latifah says she had been concerned as to what had happened with her as she didn't get her email and then changed her screen name.  They soon lost touch with each other.

They sat together the rest of the night, holding hands.  As Latifah led the prayer she became choked up and I too began to cry.
Afterwards, I said:  "I think I will have to remake this entire prayer because I wasn't concentrating."  But then I thought I was in such a state of Awe and Glorification of Allah, that perhaps it was a very valid prayer.

To wrap this up summarily:
A new sister (Amina) meets a sister (Um Nuha) in Pakistan, who then introduces her (Amina) to me (Um Noah) who then introduces her to her sister (Latifah) that gave her her shahadah 6 months prior.
A sister (Amina) travels all the way from Iceland to a small town in the United States not for the convention (as she had planned) but to meet the sister that gave her her shahadah (as Allah had planned!)

I'm struck with an overwhelming realization of Allah's most infinite Plan and Destiny.

Sahih Muslim: book 33, #6392

Hudhaifa b. Usaid reported directly from Allah's
Messenger (may peace be upon him) that lie said:
When the drop of (semen) remains in the womb
for forty or fifty (days) or forty nights, the angel
comes and says: My Lord, will he be good or evil?
And both these things would be written. Then the
angel says: My Lord, would he be male or female?
And both these things are written. And his deeds
and actions, his death, his livelihood; these are also
recorded. Then his document of destiny is rolled
and there is no, addition to and subtraction from it.

Written and told by Um Noah