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The Rainbow Bridge

This page is eternally under construction. It is dedicated to my four legged angels that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Ginger was the "old lady" of the bunch. She was my brother's first dog, and was around 14
years old when she finally passed on.

Patch was the "Big Dog on Campus". He was my mom's Brittany, and he loved just about
everyone. He is the biggest mooch I've ever seen. He actually counted the bites out of a
candy bar, and if he didn't get his bite, he would start barking!

Rusty was my Cocker Spaniel. I love him to pieces, and he loved the point where he
almost got himself killed by attacking Patch once when he thought Patch was hurting me.
He was really brave...When someone would come over, he would run under the table or behind
the couch and bark at them. It must have something to do with the fact that he was
born the day before Halloween!

Reba was my other baby. She is a Shepherd/Husky cross, and is my favorite dog along
with Rusty. She's also the most photogenic dog we had...this picture is okay, but I have
taken some better ones.

Herby(on the right) was the boss. Period. Even Reba ran from Herby when he is in a bad mood. He is an Angora, minus the tail(it was run over).

Fifty(left) is the "momma cat" of the bunch, or at least she thinks she is. She is my
"Halloween Cat", just your run of the mill country cat, but I still love her. She was my best friend for many years. She loved to do nothing more than just sit in your lap for hours on end.

Rat Boy is my diamond in the rough. When he was a kitten, he was UGLY!! His head was
just as big as his body, and his ears were bigger! But he turned from an ugly duckling to a beautiful, one of a kind cat. He had the most gorgeus blue eyes.

This is Jake, my dad's goat. We dehorned him once, but one horn grew back so we called him the "Unigoat".

On to the Humor!