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Paws 'N Claws

This page is for my canine family.....all pups present and accounted for!!

This is Eren, my brother's Malamute/Wolf/Shepherd mix. This picture was when she was only 5 months old...

And this is what she looks like now!

This is my favorite puppy, Junior. He showed up just before Christmas one year. I went out to check the mail, and he followed me home from the mail box!! He is a character! He loves his toys more than anything, and there's nothing he likes better than to chase a ball or drag around his blanket!!

This is my brother's other dog Pepper. I think she is a lab/collie mix, but I don't know for sure. Her nickname is "Pepperoni", because she looks like a little sausage!

This is our newest addition, Koko. She started out life named Nestle, but we changed it to Koko and it kind of morphed into Kokomo! She is a total spazoid, but she's really quick to pick up on things. Sometimes I think she's too smart for her own good!

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