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hello and this is my list of rumors that I have recieved so far.
~In the where's the love video, when Hanson are chasing the pigeons, they wanted the birds to land on them but the pigeosn got so annoying that Hanson ended up chasing them~
~Tay gets headaches a lot~
~Zac has "hi" written on his hand in the MmmBop video when they are planting the seeds~
~On their next album, they're going to have a violinist named Sarah Lauve from Arlington, VA. Sarah's only 14~
~Ike tried to starighten his hair once but he burned it~
~Tay once poured glue on Ike's head so Ike had to shave his head~
~They like to spit off balconies (Mainly hotel ones so watch out!)~
~Yearbook was dedicated to the people who died in the Oklahoma City bombing~
~Tay doesn't like to brush his hair~
~Zac has a bright green toothbrush~
~Zac likes to annoy Tay~
~Ike uses different blow driers according to the weather~
~Tay used to collect candy until he found a HUGE pile of ants in his drawer~
~The police had to be called when Taylor was mobbed at Burger King~
**That's all the rumors that I have but if you have any PLEASE e-mail them to me!! Thanks**