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hello and welcome to my Mega Zac Info page!!!! I hope ya like it!! This is most of what I could find out about him!
Name: Zachary Walker Hanson
Age: 12
Height: 5'1
Weight: 87 Pounds
Nickname: Prozac, Zac, Animal
Grade: 6
Astronomy sign: Libra
Looks for in a Girl: Funny, and real nice.
Birthday: October 22nd 1985
Born: Arlington, Virginia.
Birthday Present: A motorbike for his next birthday.
1st paycheck: Wants to buy a puppy.
Dentist: has had 6 fillings.
Fav. Color: Blue
Fav. Food: Jello
Fav. chocolate bar: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Fav. Flavor: Chocolate
Fav. Drink: Dr.Pepper
Fav. TV show: Animaniacs
Fav. topping: pepperoni
Fav. Stores: The Gap and Liquid Sunshine
Fav. Saying: "I love you man" or "We love you"
Fav. Playstation Game: Surfers Underwater
Fav. N64 game: Diddy Kong Racing
Bad memory: When he had an old drum set he couldn't reach high so he had to sit on a chest and during a drum solo he fell backwards and off the chest!
Another bad memory: He also had an old drumset and while playing his bass drum started to roll all across the stage!
Shhh!: Zac liks to annoy Tay and call Ike Ikeypoohs. He acts wacky and funny to make up for his shyness.
That's all I have so far but e-mail me with MORE info on this fun and wacky character!