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Hey everyone!!! Welcome to my Mega Taylor Page! I am mostly a zac fan so I don't know very much about Taylor okay? If you know anything about him then e-mail me!!!
Name: Jordon Taylor Hanson
Nickname: Tay or Taylez (hehe mine is Taylz)
From: Tulsa, Ok
Born: Jenks, a suburb in Tulsa
birthdate: March 14 1983
Age: 14
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Fav Color: Red (He thinks red makes everything look beautiful)
second fav color: Blue
Eye color: Blue
Personality: shy, friendly, funny, nice, loves to flirt
Hair color: dirty blonde
Height: 5'7
Weight: 115 punds
Shoe size: 13
Toothbrush color: aqua marine
Shampoo: it is NOT hebal essences. They use whatever is in he hotels
Fav Drink: Mugs Rootbear
Fav. Food: burritos, fish, giant steaks, chicken, cheeseburgers with the works and his mom's brownies
Fav. Flavor: Strawberry
Fav Candy bar: Nutrageous
Fav Ketchup: Heinz
Fav TV shows: Farsier, Friends, Seinfeld, and animaniacs.
Watch: Tay has had a watch for four years.
Beep: Tay has a red pager on the back side of his waist.
Ohhh: Loves shakespeares works and plays.
Fav. Animals: Dolphins and Monkeys
Fav. Topping: everything
Religion: Christian
Fav. Shirt: maroon adidas shirt
Worst habit: taps fingers on everything
Crush: Has a crush on Emma (spice girls) and Jennifer Aniston (rumor)
He is right handed. People say he is left but I have a pic of him writing with his right.
He has a long braided rat tail at the back.
Zac embarrases him
He blushes easily
he has been rolllerblading for 6 or 7 years now.
Likes baggy pants
He went out with a girl named Ashley but she cheated on him and he broje up with her (Who would be stupid ebough to cheat on Taylor)
Can talk with an Eniglish accent
He has a lisp because of a retainer
he LOVES jellybeans
Loves to curl up with a good book
Used to run around with a sword when he was little
He used to never take his baseball cap off
had a cat named Mama
Sleeps in Boxers and a Tank Top
Likes to go go-carting
sleeps on the bottom of their bunk bed
wears watch on right wrist
shares clothes with Zac
Likes action movies
Likes to hang with his friends
has had marriage proposals
He and Zac have a weekly arm wrestling competition. Tay usually wins.
Hates cottage cheese
Tay got in trouble for stealing a transformer from a friend and Isaac ratted him out and their mom got mad at Tay.
Once Isaac wrote a love letter to a girl and Taylor was so disgusted with it he threw it in a fountain.
Isaac wrote a letter to a friend that was a girl and Taylor ended it wiyh "I need you desperately!"
OKAY!! That's all that I have of Taylor but e-mail me with MORE info!!!