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hey everyone!!! Welcome to my Mega Ike Page!!! He is the one I know least about so if anyone knows anything about him then please e-mail me with as much info as possible!
Name: Clarke Isaac Hanson
Nickname: Ike, Ike-Poohs (What Zac calls him)
Age: 17
From; Tulsa, OK
Hair color: dirty blonde
Height: 5'11
sign: Scorpio
Weight: about 130 pounds
Fav. Color: Green
he is right-handed
Fav food: Pasta
Grade: 11
has braces which are clear
Candy bar: Health Bar
Fav. flavor: Vanilla
fav. drink: Dr.Pepper
birthday: November 17th 1980.
Has had a girlfriend, has been kissed.
Wears a silver ring
toothbrush color: Dark blue
Sleeps in Boxers and that's it.
is the most romantic Hanson
Worst habit: biting finger nails
liks action movies
Likes chinky peanut butter