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hey everyone!! This is my true gossip page!!! I only have a few so e-mail me with more gossip you have heard!!! All of this is all True!!! That I know of at least.
~~Tay died his hair brown a few years ago~~
~~In the beginning of where's the love it shows Tay's boxers (This is true. I have seen it~~
~~Tay has a beeper~~
~~Zac calls Ike Ike-poohs~~
~~They signed a 6 album deal with mercury records~~
~~Hanson has gotten kicked out of LaserQuest, a mall, a toy store, and a five star hotel (for rollerblading)~~
~~Tay looks for girls to date at concerts (This may or may not be true)~~
~~Once a girl ripped a hole in Tay's shir. It even shows it on "Tulsa, Tokyo and the Middle of Nowhere"
That's all I have for you but e-mail me with more true gossip you have!!!
Thanks and please e-mail me some more!!!!!