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Here is my appearances page. I update it every day or to. Please e-mail me with other TV shwos and that which Hanson will be on.
~FEBRUARY 23RD- MTV 6 or 5 pm EST (?) Hanson on MTV Live~
~FEBRUARY 25TH- VH1 6 om EST (?) Pre-Grammy show, talking about the nominees~
~FEBRUARY 26TH- NBC. Check local listings for time. Hanson appears on late night show with Conan O'Brian~
~FEBRUARY 25TH- CBS, 8-11 pm Eastern. 1997 Grammy awards! Hanson is nominated for 3 grammys! (Best new artist, Best pop vocal Duo or group and best record!) They are also possibly going to sing Weird which is also DEFINITLY going o be their next single. There is also a cd with the grammy nominees on it. Hanson will be ncluded on this cd~
~FEBRUARY 25TH- VH1 11 pm EST (?) Post-grammy show, talking about the winners and losers of the night~
~MARCH- VH1 Hanosn on VH1 storytellers. Sometime in March. More details coming soon~
~MARCH 3RD- Nickelodeon 7:30 pm EST Rerun of Hanson on Nick-news (they talk about Hanson) *not confirmed*~
~MARCH 10TH- UPN 8-10 pm Eastern The 4th annual blockbuster entertainment awards. Artists recieving multiple nominations include Hanson, Erykah Badu, the Spice Girls, and Puff Daddy. Hanson will not neccesarily be there.~
~JULY 11TH- NBC, 11:30 pm EST. Hanson appearance on Jay Lenno *not confirmed* this may be the on that was on July 11th last year. Maybe there was a screw-up.~
Those are the appearances that I have of so far. When I get more I will post them up!