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~G’s Circles

~A Beautiful Fish Spoke To Me~
~Angel Words~
~Angels Watching Over You~
~Ayor Anosh’ni Debbie-My Sister in Spirit~
~The Beginning~
Black Art Series
Bob Marley  
~Brothers and Sisters of Africa~ by Polgara
~Candlelight Vigil~
~Christmas Gifts From My Sisters in Spirit~
Columbine High School - ~To My Friend~
~The Day My Mother Died~ by Jabir
Dee’s Gestures!!!
~~Especially For You Malvolio~~
~Guanja and Family
~Guanja and her Sister Roma
~Guanja’s Cabin
~Guanja’s Kindred Spirits
~Guanja’s Mountains
~Guanja’s Native American Links  
He Answered My Prayer, But!
~Healing With Help From Above~
~How Are You My Love?~
~~~I am At Rest~~~
~~I Don’t Understand!~~
~~~ Imagine A Woman ~~~
~Hug Just For You!~
~~Our Sister Polgara~~
~~~Into the Smoke~~~
~KISS... I am Thinking of You!!!~
~Legend of the Dreamcatcher~
~The Light~ by Zobedia-Rose
~~Love Garden~~ by Sioux
~A Love Story~
Mary Summer Rain - Native American Author
My Brother - the Eagle  
~My Dad~
~My Love For You~
~Our First Kiss~
~Poems and Songs By Kindred Spirits~
~A Prayer for Mankind~
~Prayer to the Virgin Mary~
~The Prettiest Flower In The Garden~
~Questions of Love~
rabatt ~!!~
The Rainbow of Hawai`i
~She Rose From The Ocean~
~Shhh... Listen~
~Sister in Spirit~
~So Babe...~
~Song of the Soul~
~Teardrops~ & Songs by Flip
~That’ll Be Me~
~What Do Angels Look Like?~
~When God Created Mothers~
~whisper soft roses~
~whisper softly ciao baby~
~World Peace - Speak of Him~
~World Peace.....Now~
~I Wonder If~
~You Light Up My Life.  I Love You!~
~You’re My "Real" Sister~
~Zobedia’s AV Rose Garden~

~Poetry by bingo91~ TOUR
~Sister~ by gigi
Starhoku's Websites
~~Poetry by Tx Tater~~

New Website!

~~My Little Rainbow~~

Happy Birthday Sites

~Happy Birthday beemal~ - 2000
Happy Birthday ~Guanja by Zobedia - 2000
Happy Birthday ~Guanja by Polgara - 2000
~Happy Birthday Malvolio~ - 1999


Thanks for stopping by... I enjoyed your company and look forward to seeing you again soon!  ~smile@you~

May your Circle be in harmony with the Universal Circle.

~Ayor Anosh'ni~


~whisper softly ciao baby~

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Lover's Paradise

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Lover's Paradise

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