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~A Prayer for Mankind~

O Eternal Father,
I lift my heart to thee
And I pray for the people of all nations,
Irrespective of race, colour or creed.
I realize they are all thy children, Father,
And I therefore link them up together in my heart
And my prayers as such.

I pray for the disquited souls of man,
Both discarnate and incarnate.
I pray for those who are sorrowful and lonely;
For the unloved;
For those who feel themselves unwanted;
For those broken by life;
I pray, O Father, for ALL humanity.

I pray for those in prisons,
Those in asylums;
Those who are bedridden at home or in a hospital;
Those who are hungry;
Those who have a terminal illness;
I pray for all of the caregivers who tend the sick,
And I pray for all of the families of these people
Asking that they be given the strength,
And upliftment to continue their quest.

I ask thy care of those on battlefields of the world
Who at the call of duty are now away from loved ones,
On land, on sea and in the air.

I pray for those who mourn the loss of dear ones
Who are preparing for their transition
Or have passed on from the physical life.
Be with them, O Father,
And bring them the knowledge
That there is no death -
That life goes on forever.
And, I would ask that I myself may be a pure channel
To give forth thy love to one another.

I pray that thy blessings
And thy joy may rest upon the world
In the coming of peace to all of your children.


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