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The Origin Of Life

Long before the gods appeared in the dim past uncounted ages ago there was only the shapeless confusion of Chaos, borded over by an unbroken darkness. After darkness, and emptiness, love later was born. With it's birth order and beauty began to banish the emptiness, and confusion of chaos. With Love came light, and with light, came day. Gaea and Uranus had offspring, three of them had a hundred hands, and fifty heads, (fifty-headed monsters) and the other three were one-eyed creatures none as a Cyclops. Later big and powerful cratures none as Titans were born, the Titans had the power of Gods, and were taller than the Olympians.

Uranus disliked the fifty headed monsters, even though they were his own off spring. Uranus imprisoned them in a dark secret place with in the Earth, leaving the Cyclops and Titans to rome where ever they pleased. Gaea, enraged by the mal-treatment of their offspring, she appealed to the Titans, but only Cronus (Saturn) was brave enough to aid Gaea in her quest to over throw Uranus. As he laid and waited he finally wounded his father, and the blood that spilled from his body spawned the fourth race of monsters, which included The Erinyes (The Furies). Their object in life was to pursue and punish the sinful. They were often called "Those Who Walk In The Night". They were a terrible aspect, with snakes for hair, and blood weeping from their eyes. After Cronus banished all the monsters to Tartarus, in exception for The Erinyes which could not be banished unless the world was free from sin.

Before Cronus became ruler of the universe, his father Uranus, cursed him with a prophecy, that one of his children would de-thrown him. After Cronus became ruler of the Universe and at his side, was his sister/queen Rhea (Ops). Later Rhea had six children by Cronus, and in fear of his fathers Oracle, he devoured five of them. This disguested Rhea, so she hid his sixth son in Crete, and she gave Cronus, a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes. This fooled Cronus, and he devoured the stone accordingly. When the sixth child grew up (Zeus), he led a revolt against Cronus, with the help of Promithiues, his grand mother (Gaea), and the three Fifty Headed Monsters imprisoned in her. Zeus made Cronus disgorge the other five Gods, and the stone (which was placed at Delphi, where people worshiped it) Later the Cylops, and the Fifty Headed Monsters, revolted, but were defeated by the Olympians. After that man kind, was ready to be put on earth, the task of creating man, was given to the capable Promithiues. After he created man, he broke the God's rules by giving them fire, stolen from his son. This angered the Gods, and they changed Promithiues to a rock, so that the earth could pick out his organs. Everytime they would grow back, the birds would come back in an endless cycle. This is how the universe and humans originated from a Greek Mythological point of view.

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