Gigi's homepage with information about, puppy mills, rescued dogs, bellydance, dolls and the most beautiful granddaughter ever
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To escape someone else's frames

Welcome to Gigi's Homepage!!

Guess who?



Opinion: Belief not founded on certainty or proof but on what seems probable.
Propoganda: The organized promotion of certain information or allegations, to assist or damage the cause of a government movement.
Information: Knowledge acquired in any manner: facts.

Activist sites:
If you are looking for the various sites filled largely with my opinions, propoganda and some information, this is the place to be.

Sir Tiny

Please visit with Sir Tiny, the Chihuahua

A Message from Gizmo, main page
If you are looking for the web page with my story of one dog's struggle to overcome the horrors of a puppy mill, this is it!

The Adventures of Hampton, Rescue Maltese, main page

If you are looking for the website about rescued dogs, this is the place!

Gigi's Photo Album, main page

And the rest:

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"Work like you don't need money,
Love like you've never been hurt,
And dance like no one's watching."