Our Lack of Imagination?
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Our Lack of Imagination?

Will O & Suzie's


Sailing - Travel - Coffee - Bread - Live Cams - + Coolest Sites On The Net

Just like to share with you the above Topics Plus More. Bookmark us and come back often to see what we've added
what's new.
E any suggestions or links that might make our HOME PAGE a better place.

(At Least One Of These Pages Was Up-Dated -- (5-3-01)

Site Of The Month

Something A Little Different This Month..A Funny Site....The Funnybone

Our Live Home Cam

Most Favored Search Engines

Alta Vista, Last We Heard Was The Biggest------------Infoseek, A Great Search Engine

Multicrawl, New And Great----------------------------Metacrawler,Always A Great Search

Lycos, Can Hold Its Own--------------------------------Yahoo,Another Great Engine

Webcrawler,Preferred By Many--------------------------Excite, Expanding Their Base

Megellan, One Of The First------------------------------Looksmart, Very User-friendly

StartingPoint, It's Cool Also-----------------------------BigYellow, Find Person/Business

MallPark,1250 Shopping Centers

Pages Of Cool Stuff

After Viewing Over 400,000 Web Pages These Are Our Favorites

Internet Phone, After Evaluating Many, This Appears To Be The Best Audio/Vidio Conferencing Software.

The Bread Page, The Best Links We Have Found For Bread Recipes.

Sailing/Caribbean Page, For Some Really Cool Informatiom On Sailing/Caribbean.

The Coffee Page Mon, Like Coffee?? Here Are The Best Coffee Links We Have Found.

Live Cam Page Links, We Think We've Found All The Camera Sites And Links In The World...(Thanks Ron)

Sound Page,Live Radio, Police Scanners, Music Co. Releases, Players, Audio/Video Conferencing And More Links...(Thanks Bernie)

Cool Stuff Page, These Are The Rest Of The Coolest Sites And Links Out There. Free Stuff, Shareware, Cracks, Hacks, Hints, News Stands, Weather, Web, Government, You Name It???

Our New Favorite Kick Butt Coffee
Lion Coffee
Try The Dark Expresso

Free Web Page

Angelfire, For The Best In Cool Web Pages.



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