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My Favorite Things

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Let me start out by telling you my name. My name is Debbie, but alot of you probably know me by Foxylady in the Chathouse, which is where you will find me in the evenings in the Wild West Wing.Ok.What do I look like, well I'm 5'10",with long brownish hair and blue eyes, and I'm in my 30's that's all I'm going to say.I live in Southern California in the desert, in a city called Lancaster. It's in the Antelope Valley. We get the four seasons here.We get a little bit of snow in the winter but not much,but we scorch in the summer breaking the 100 degree mark almost every day, which is why I'm glad I'm only a couple hours away from the beach. Okay about my family. I have three grown children, well they think they are anyway.Danny is 20, Carrie is 19, and Chrissy is 18. I also have two others. Stephanie is 15, and Joshua last but not least is 7.Oh I also am a Grandma. My son Danny and his wife Beth have 2 little boys named Michael who is 16 months, and Jacob who was just born January 6, 1998. I'm also an animal lover. I have two dogs,well actually I'm taking care of one of them for my brother,he is german shepard, the dog not my brother.The dog's name is Hunter. I also have four cats,named Mittens, Mischief,Snowball, and Tom. Tom is my brother's too.Then we have two Cockatiels,they are just babies we are trying to get them to talk. Well I hope you enjoyed my homepage.I'll see you in the Wild West Wing of the Chathouse.Please take time to sign my guestbook. BYE!!!


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