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The Mad Marx Brothers' True Movies

The Marx Brothers as an act started out first as a singing act known as the Three (then Four) Nightingales. Kyle Crichton's book "The Marx Brothers" covers this period very well. They moved on until they became "The Six Mascots" and eventually became The Four Marx Brothers and Company, managed by Minnie (Marx) Palmer. This list is correct chronologically except for the exact year they were doing the act. I know, sounds like Harpo wrote the list. Actually Harp's book, Harpo Speaks, is one of the sources I used. The reason the exact date isn't always used is that the opening night is not always known for many of the acts. After the brothers had become the toast of the great white way they were lured into the new world of talking pictures. It was always thought by most of the brothers (read Groucho and Harpo) that the Marx Brothers would do a few movies and then return to the stage. It wasn't to happen and they would spend twenty years as stars of the silver screen. In fact twenty years is incorrect. The first movie, The Cocoanuts, shows up in revival houses from time to time making it more like sixty six years as stars. By the by, I can even sit through "When My Dreams Come True" in a theater but always run through it at home. Must be the atmosphere... In the big picture. The Marx Brothers only did one thing good, and that was to make people laugh! Zeppo was the straight man, but he disliked acting so quit when his contract was up. Chico ran around and played the piano. He is famous for his stupid lines. Harpo never talked, all he did was make signals and make noises with a horn. He would run aruond like a crazy man. Groucho Marx is by far, the most famous. He was the man with the great one-liners. He had incredible wit. He would become a symbol for future generations, but when you think of Groucho Marx, you would think of, The Mad Marx Brothers I wish I could have given you more sound bytes. But Angelfire only allows 200kb. But try angelfire out. They will give you a free page, and they have instructions so simple a dummy like me could understand. Enjoy the rest of this page and be sure to check out my links to other Marx Brothers pages.

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