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*Life in Nia's*
~Formally Glenshadows~

{This is all OOC information, if you want to know it IC you have to find it out IC}

Newest Update

When I first arrived at Glenshadows, I only planned to stay for about a week. I was going to rest and continue on with my travels across the lands. Once there though, Ifound the people most interesting, and have yet to leave.

Within the first few days I meet Jade. A kind man who is also an elf, and did not find my features revolting. He is the prince to a land near here, and granted me a safe place to live within it. A lovely cottage was build for me and a teacher of the magical arts provided to me, so that one day I may be Jade's head magician. I worked with my teacher, but I have already learned all that he knows. I speak not of this though for fear of upsetting people. With Jade's kindness, I though perhaps the words spoken to me so long ago by another were right. Perhaps I should turn from my dark road and walk another way, but I now know I am to walk the path that is before me.

I meet Daemoniumm within my first week at the tavern. He is very interesting to talk to. He has taught me to use my anger, people pain, and hate to my own advantage.

As the weeks passed by, I drew the attention of Purgatoryy and spoke often with him. One day, he made me an offer to join him and others who walked the dark path. I was more than willing to join and eagerly accepted his offer. I am now part of the group know as the Dark Angelz. When I took that step, and choose to become a Dark Angel, I left behind what was left of my wholesome side.

For a time now Sc@rlet Te@rs has interested me greatly. We have always seemed to know what each other are thinking and what actions will be taken. We both saw that in heart and soul we were sisters. Over the course of three long days we underwent a major change within both of our lives. In another realm and plane of existence we went beond a bond. We joined our souls into one and now till the end of time itself we are one yet two. We are apart in the physical world but we are one in soul. Breaking our merged souls shall shred the very fabric of ourselfs.

~Found in the back pages of Dark Astarte's Journal. Not within her scripting~

The time has been long since any words have been brought to any pages; a long time could be spent writing of what has passed. What could be said of Alex Feed-Back? He was a man who captured both Sc@rlet Te@rs and Dark Astarte's attention. This attention rendered his soul in half that, in the end became two souls. In the end the dark half-vanishing and perhaps again this torrid part will be meet. What of the short passing of Zio? Plans of freeing himself were spoke of, but into the darkness he walked, never to be seen again. One wonders about Sc@rlet Te@rs herself. Onto her own quests she went into the world, leaving both of them not filled, missing each other as if part of themselves were missing. Till they reunite again, they will both be half people, the other side missing on separate quests within their lives. And to what about the short lived marriage to Mathew? It was closed quickly with an angered Purgatoryy. Her time after that is a longer story.

For the first few weeks of her stay with Purgatoryy, they were unkind as she fought with him on ever issue. He wanted her to come to him and do as he said but she would not allow herself to do so. In the end though, he won. Just how this came to pass and the issues to which it happened is unknown to any but the one who did so. Her soul left, becoming the property of Purgatoryy's, most of her past memory's of almost all males gone, and a strange slavering happened. When near him, she seems to fall into a fit of pure lust and couldn't harm him. Seems she didn't think this strange till she ventured back to the tavern, a little bit longer she stayed each time she went. Words were whispered to her and she came to the thought that there was more to her than she remembered. During one of her travels to the tavern she meet a strange one named Mangerian. Her feelings seeming to forever be closed off to her, only idle interest was raised to this figure, but after some strange thing upon the roof, the two set to planning together, and a strange bond was formed. Not much is know of this bond but the two vanished together often and a known dead circle of great evil was found where at one point they were spotted.

It seems that within this time, Deamoniumm took interest in her again and once more their paths crossed. Just what has transpired there is not known. A strange thing was noted at this point, Devin (an EG) brought his son into the tavern and Dark Astarte took an interest with the child. With fear for his son Devin attacked to protect his son and Dark Astarte fought back. In the end she took Devin down and left with his son, placing the care of the child with Mangrian. Devin, swearing revenge, took forces and flooded into the known place she was at with the child. A large battle came from this and a strange dark help of unknown name stepped in, but was lost as the dust of the battle came down. Devin got his son but one of the other fighters left something behind…and again Devin has made it a point to get this piece back. It has come to note that one of the EG's left behind her sword. If this is any use to Dark Astarte, not a breath of it has came forth.

As to Mangrian, he has seemed to fade from view. Her wondering with him not being seen if they are happening. Another strange man was noted to wonder in the dark with her but just whom this was could never be documented, his form forever in the dark and only late at night did they meet and talk by the lake, but also this one has left.

I write this bit of information to this book, perhaps one day the strange mind of this one would be unlocked and just what this woman is becoming could be answered.

~End of the hidden back pages.~

(still needing to update)