Stephy's Little Piece of the WWW
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Stephy's Little Piece of the WWW

"It is better to light another candle then to cause the darkness" an ancient chinese proverb.

This is your window into my world...take a peek, but if you don't like what you see, leave it at that. If you do, let me know by signing my guestbook.

I have been through a lot to be the person I am, and though I may at times appear to be very open, I am very wary of almost everyone in the world. Maybe after you look through my page, you will learn a little more, and perhaps look at the world through someone elses perspective.

It seems everytime I open my heart to someone, it is trampled on, and broken into a million pieces.

Yes I learn from my mistakes, but I still want to be loved for who I am.......I need to be loved for who I am. What's inside as well as outside.

My changing this page is me burning all the old bridges of hate, pain, and lost love. Until someone proves it to me, I think I will always believe I will not fall in love and live happily ever after. Well, I have had it proven to me...I am loved for who I am, and have been for a year on November 24th, 2000.

If you look deeper into my pages you will find a hidden link to my them carefully...

Enter my world


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