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Competition Hill NEW YEARS EVE 1998


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Welcome, peoples to my very own personal hand made website. This is where I am able to play GODDESS!!!
Many of my loyal guests will take notice to the subtle changes this site contains, many of you less intelligent will not. This site is done with a lot of tongue in cheek humor to it, so if your sense of humor is beyond these capabilities, I suggest you leave.

My Passions In Life
About Racing: GENTLEMEN START YOUR ENGINES- kinda sums it all up... I Love It!! I follow Nascar as well as CART, let's face it folks, the Indy Racing League is for Whimps. I enjoy going to many of the Southern California Events...From the Long Beach Grand Prix (had a Blast this Year!,) to California Speedway (Thank you DADDY! for my Season Tickets!!)(hey, did I mention I have season tickets!!) Even went to Supercross (now Jeremy McGrath can race me in the dunes anytime) and Monster Trucks (I prefer Big Foot, my daughter Brianne "The Gravedigger" at Edison Field this year.

My Drivers: Nascar Mark Martin, Jeff Gordon

Indy(CART) Jimmy Vasser, Juan Montoya

NOW FOR GLORIOUS GLAMIS: About Riding: The season for Glamis is winding down, did you all have fun or what?????
I LOVE IT!!! Can't get enough of it.. And Glamis is the Only Place To Ride.. Awesome Dunes, Cool People and did I Mention the Awesome Dunes??? I love to take Long rides through the dunes, play in the bowls, race a few boys up Olds, and Comp at night, THE PLACE TO BE SEEN... I have a Banshee & a Suzuki 250.. I ride hard and with No Fear, so never challenge me unless you wanna be sent home with your tail between your legs... I heard a few of you panty wastes, think you can take me on and walk away a winner?? Come on now, I may be a girl, but I know what I am doing, and when I race I race to win, because second place is still First Loser.

Well Here is MY BABY!!! The one, the only DESPERADO!!! Now I know you were waiting to see the pictures of my Banshee all tricked out and ready to ride, but please I know how to intimidate the competition, never show your ride till you are at the line, kinda my ace up my sleeve

Other Stuff: Well lets see...I am very passionate about music, I love all types of music (although I am often accused of being lost in Heavy Metal Land)I still adore, The Eagles, Guns and Roses, Motley Crue, Kiss, Sammy Haggar, Poison, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Warrant... I enjoy all realms of music...from: Lit, Blink 182, Sublime,3 Doors Down, Third Eye Blind,and etc...
The cd most played this week: Lit:A Place in the Sun
to:Tim McGraw, Dixie Chicks, yes that's right country...I happen to like Country...
I love to shoot Pool, not as well as I would like, but hey I still love to play... Even have my own cue, Thanks to Budweiser points!!!

MY PERSONAL LIFE IN A NUTSHELL: Well folks, I must be honest here, I am a family oriented kinda gal. I have three beautiful kids, Brianne, Brett and Ashleigh. I also have a great man in my life, John B. Adams and therefore, if you are searching here for a date or any other devious intentions, keep on looking elsewhere

Leopard Print - Well judging by this page you may have guessed that I have a crush on leopard print, I love it, wear it and live in it... It is considered My Signature Statement...
Pets, prefer Iguanas, to dogs...Besides they look much cooler riding on your shoulder through the Dunes... Great way to attract attention too...

Words to describe Me:
Blonde, Sarcastic, Fastidious, Humorous, Outgoing, Bright, Tom Boyish, X-files junkie, Competitive, Dangerous... A lil bit o this and a Dash of that, have made me Practically Perfect in Everyway..

Well that pretty much sums it all up in a nice lil nutshell, so please take sometime and check out my updated links to some very cool sites, sign the guestbook (it would be rude of you not too)...And come back real soon...

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