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UPS Horror Stories:
Here are links to some of the best UPS Horror Stories... Some of them are funny, some of them are just tragic... if you have more stories (with proofs please) send them to us!!!

Do you want to ship a package from San Francisco to Oakland (a mile from each other?) ??? Lets ship it through New York!!! A great story of UPS intelligence when a package delivery from 2 places that are 25 miles away takes 12 days!!!

UPS Sucks Journal of David E. Ross. Perfect examples of carelessness of UPS!

"...just don't expect to get your bloody black backpack back...". A story of a backpack that never arrived.

If UPS treated Employees with respect and dignity, web sites like this one would not be necessary

Failed E-bay Transaction

UPS is acts like UPS in South Africa

Second day air? In your dreams

UPS stories on the a message boards


I am a shipper and I have been regularly screwed by UPS in two areas: their mishandling of and refusal to pay damage claims, and their attempts to charge capricious $50 over max size fees outside of the user agreement. If you get information about class action lawsuits on either of these issues then please contact me at
Comment: If anyone is involved in lawsuit against UPS contact us or the address above

This year I have sent or received 110 packages,105 of them were sent by the USPS with not one damaged parcel.The other 5 were sent using ups.Of those 5 packages 4 were completely destroyed. Nice average. I emailed a complaint to ups and I got some crap form letter back from them that didn't even address the issue I was writing about. So now what ? I know I will never use there services again and hope that more people will do the same. F-UPS

Comment: For the same reason is switching to USPS

Okay, 3 packages from 3 different shippers to 2 different locations. And within a space of 5 days, 1 lost in a facility just a 1/2 hour's drive from delivery address. Another delivered to the wrong address (and correct delivery address is confirmed by shipper). The last? The most important package? The one containing the item I needed to test today and take on a flight to a trade show tomorrow? Lost, then found and yet still no assurance I'll have it in time for my flight (which could very well mean the lost of at least $15, 000 to my company). Here's what I've gathered from speaking to these dickheads: if package is in transit or newly lost they can/will confirm actual delivery address. However, if package is lost over 4 days or has been misdelivered, then they CAN''T confirm addresses!! What the fuck sense does that make. And what recourse? Well, waiting for a claim to go thru? A year or two in court suing their incompetent asses? How about running amok with an AK at corporate headquarters in GA?

Corporate send us our paychecks every other Friday that are supposed to be delivered next day air. Unfortunately this time, they weren't. I called UPS and they had no idea why they were late or what had happened and the package was rescheduled for next day delivery (Saturday). My employees were livid as many of them were going home that day for the holidays, but thanks to UPS, without any money. I know that corporate will be looking for a different courier now.


Hello, I have a wonderful UPS story. I ordered a DVD player on line and the UPS shipping was free. This should have been my first clue. I have always been told that nothing is free. They made two attempted deliveries and would not allow for me to sign the slip and have them leave the package in a safe dry place behind the house. I arranged to pick the package up at their facility. They assured me that it would be there the next day for pickup. Needless to say, I went to pick it up and my package was missing. The clerk nor the manager had any concern with where my package was and their only solution was that I would have to come back Monday during business hours (8-5) and see if it was there. I work those hours and told them this was unacceptable. They didn't care and offered no solutions other than this. I have never been treated so rudely. I have lodged a complaint via the 1-800-742-5877 customer number. Supposedly, they will be contacting me on Monday. I will never use UPS again if I can possibly help it. Their slogan is "moving at the speed of business." I know if my company moved at their speed, we would be bankrupt.

Comment: Economists say: There is no such thing as a free lunch. When you get a "free lunch" in a form related to UPS - throw it away..

haha I thought it was only me man, but i decided to search the net and found millions of complaints about UPS, damn these workers are retarded ******. They never bring my package on time and when they bring it late they leave it somewhere else ALWAYS!!!, i ***** hate UPS. And today i was waiting for a package that cost me $700 i didnt want UPS but that only way it could be shipped, and its was COD so i thought ok thell have to come to my house now to collect COD money so im checking tracking info on site and see exeption so i called them and the fag put that he came and i didnt have money, i was here whole time and took day off work to wait for this **** and *** never even came near my house, Im so mad at these **** Under Payed Slaves,I called them and complained and they told me they would give me a call back in an hour and its been 2 so far, and theyll make himw ship today again, I will never no matter what it is use ***** UPS again this always happens and has happen to me over 100 times. Airborne is best shipping company ive seen and Fedex is second. well keep working on site there alot of ppl with stories and they dont even know about the site.

Comment: You are not alone.

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