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Matthew's Page

Golden willow

Tierno saúz
Casi oro, casi ámbar,
Casi luz...

- José Juan Tablada
Chances are, that this page is only ever going to be seen by my wife and other close friends. But if you've never heard of me, feel free to read on. You might bear in mind while doing so that these pages are somewhat obsolescent. They don't get updated much and will at some point be retired completely when I move the site to somewhere else that doesn't insert unwanted adverts...
King's Chapel I live near Cambridge (the original one), a pleasant place to be, though I occasionally have to escape to see some hills somewhere. Apart from being a pretty town to live in with its river, greens and collegiate architecture, it provides me with two necessities in life, namely an abundance of bookshops and a thriving computer industry that keeps me employed.

Micropraxis Logo I work for Micropraxis, a consulting company that I started after leaving Roundpoint. I specialise in being non-specialist! Every job I've ever had has involved learning something new, and I'm continuing this trend at Micropraxis. If you need a professional software engineer who can pick things up quickly, work to your standards and takes pride in what he produces then please contact me!

While not strictly work related (yet) I also have an interest in where nanotechnology and ubiquitous computing may take us in the not too distant future. I also had a foray into genetic algorithms a while back, and more recently I've written a PalmOS Hack to support Esperanto accented characters on Palm-compatible PDAs.

I've bought myself a new toy and installed Linux on it. Meanwhile, when I'm not slaving over a hot computer, you can find me doing some of the following...