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Fourwinds Lodge Home Page

Welcome to our Home Page

Fourwinds Lodge is a nonprofit organization that has been operating since 1996.

I am a Native American Storyteller and I devote my time to speaking at schools and colleges about my culture. There is a great need to help guide our youth away for the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and gangs, and that is the main message inter-woven into the stories of old that I tell.

Fourwinds provides much needed summer activities for the community each year. There is no fee for any of the activities that we hold. We operate strickly on a donation basis. In order to keep the Lodge moving in a forward motion we need the help of everbody. We are appreciative of any help you can offer Fourwinds in the way of cash donations or even supplies or materials needed to run the camp.

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45435 Sand Creek Rd. Squaw Valley CA.93675......(559) 338-0509