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Welcome to PETP! Here are PETP our mission is clear. We are against exploitation of living plants in any way shape or form. The exploitation of these living organisims is a horrible trend that just seems to grow every year. Please help us in the fight to save our beloved green friends!

(Fur is soft, Hemp is itchy)

Act of Violence!

This was the aftermath of a ruthless vegan sacrifice. One of our members was outraged and took this picture for proof of this crime. Unfortunately there is no law, as of yet, that condems these hateful acts! Contact your congressman/woman concerning plant protection laws.

Horrible Harvest

These cabbage were harvested by a large knife and cut away from it's natural environment. Shortly after being ripped from the earth they are throw one on top of another into a trailer which smells of rotting cabbage. The next stop on this ride of horror is your local organic food store.

Help Save Plants, wear leather!

Great news! Now you can help save plants by wearing leather! Nothing is more fashonable then leather, and now you can have colors other then brown! Some other options of acceptable clothing materials would be synthetic fabrics as well as fur.

Machines of Death

  • This is a machine used to kill and harvest many types of plants
  • The picture was taken by a fellow PETP member who was outraged at the sheer scale of this killing operation.
  • This happens to be one of the largest killing fields in all of the Midwest.
  • Of course the owners of this operation have refused to comment on this abuse

People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants (PETP) 11/23/04