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Morality is at the heart of every human affecting each individual decision that people make everyday.  Battles have been fought over the morality of conflicting communities.  And later protests would be held to reconcile conflicts of interest as the morality of the United States changed over time.  History has shown that conflicts and morality have shared an innate circular relationship.  Each newly accepted morality will kinder conflict and out of each conflict there will be born new morals.  For instance, slavery and the discrimination of Asian Americans during World War II are two events in past that raised a great dilemma over opposing moralities.  These conflicts tested the given communities of morality that were popular in those times and concluded that they depressed many humans of their god given rights.  From these conflicts Americans have learned that all people deserve the same liberties and rights of equality.  From each new controversy that arises, Americans change and redefine the rules that stand for America?s morality.