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Mitchell James Corunna

mitchell's photo's

mitchell's birthday photo's

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All about Mitchell

Time flys at 16 months in June. Winter has snuck up quietly with very little rain, but many cool nights. Mitchell had been catching a lot of colds and often back to the doctor for check ups. At 16months he weighs 13kg. and is trialling a booster seat in Dad's car.
Imagine Mitchell dressed in his pj's running around the house squeeling with delight. He sits on his chair and eats dinner with us, he's a real little boy now.
Always up to something, climbing on tables, moving chairs to climb and reach anything. He is beginning to dance and bobs up and down to music on the radio and tv. He is a huge fan of tv and is getting interested in the kids shows, not forgetting an evening with mum watching Home and Away.
A little while ago at 14 months on a country dirve we stopped off to give him a play on the swings.
He enjoys going to play centres and hanging out with his young aunty and uncle.

Along time ago... In Early 2006, we celebrated Mitchell's first birthday with a family picnic in Kingspark, On monday 'his real bithday' we went to hilliary for a splash at the beach. He ran about on the waters edge, andenjoyed hot chips for a treat.
View the birthday photo's on the link.
A quick run down on his development. Mitchell is crazy about water. Whenever he hears the shower running or if we're filling up the bath for him, he rushes quickly to splash and play in the water. Fromm 11 months his fascination included wheels.
At 8 months, he began eating solids, since then, Mitchell enjoys, pizza, pasta, mashed foods, 'hot' chips, ice cream, yoghurt and soft fruits. He enjoys eating with his fingers, and attempts to spoon feed himself. He'll sit in his high chair and feed lizzie the dog his food and she'll share her dog biscuits, "What a team"
At 4-5 months, he began rolling, wiggling and attempting to crawl. By 6 months, had mastered the art of crawling, at 9 months he was standing and walking supported holding onto anything he could use. He'll suprise us all and walk at christmas!! And sure enough he did!!.

Mitchell's first birthday photo's

From Mitchell
Now Im one we go to playgroup on Mondays,I am able to play more with other kids. Mum's in her last year of uni and i go and stay with grandma during the day. Im so lucky..Mum has just finished her first long teaching prac so now i can play all withher all day for the next five weeks until uni goes back.

If i dont see you soon, Have a healthy Winter, dont get too sick, and enjoy the rest of the year. "
Love Mitchell,

last updated 26/6/06