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Wednesday, 20 July 2005
First entry
Mood:  happy
first entry. cool. well life still sux. skool is killing me. my family is driving me insane. the only good things in my life are frenz and fun. i got an invite from my frend lauren to go to sum party with her and her man. but im gonna have to get another one of my frenz to come with me coz when they go off to have some "alone time" i dont wanna be left alone in my own company.
john still hasn't noticed me. im going insane. im doing the whole sutble thing but its not working. i guess im gonna have to change my style. but the question is what do i want to happen? i dont want a boyfrend but i want guys to notice me. its weird. myabe im just screwed up.
for those who have no idea who im talking about, john is this not exactly hot, but guy who always catches my attention. i dont know why, i mean hes not popular or anything, he has never talked to me before, hes a year older than me (so why he'd go me is beyond me), he just plays piano and guitar and hes pretty average. but i still like him. hmmm i scare myself. well thats all for now. ill pour my guts out another time. byez.

Posted by bug2/melonade at 11:46 PM JST
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