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About the layout

How Pretty!! I just love this white flower! Layout called Technical Flower. Image was from Aethereality. Brushes used are from Insomiac Brushes, Forbbiden Fire Brushes and Unknown Brushes. To scroll look at the left of the frame and see the two hidden triangles facing opposite each other. Click either triangles to scroll up or down. Great for journals, diaries, blogs and etc. This layout was mading using a 1280x1064 layout but the lowest it can go is 800x600. Please credit the resources above

about the coding

Quite a hard layout to make. Theres some guidelines inserted into the layout so don't stress. Anyway if you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask so email me @ puretaurus21 (at) hotmail (dot) com

about the freebies

A button and avatar for you:

about the copyright

This work is only linkware only. A link with my email link on it would be appropriate for every page that this was with. Direct linking is not allowed so make sure to upload everything to your own server. And remember to never ever take my link out!

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