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WORK FROM HOME!!!!!!!!!!!

We Need Home Mailers Now!


Pays you $5 for every circular you mail!

And NEVER requires you to purchase any envelopes or postage stamps EVER!...for as long as you stay in the program!

(SPECIAL) We are very pleased to announce that our company is looking for a limited number of homeworkers to help us mail our offers out to millions of people, who we could never possibly reach, even if we were to work around the clock! There are ordinary people, from all walks of life, with no special skills, or previous experience who report earning up to $500 a day, working as “independent home-workers”, under the expert guidance of our aggressive company!

You are NEVER required to purchase ANY postage stamps or envelopes for as long as you care to stay in the program! You will get paid TWO WAYS! Unlike other programs that APPEAR to be similar...with our program, not only will you receive $5 for every envelope that you fill with our offers, you will ALSO RECEIVE an unheard of, locked-in commission rate of 75% for every sale your mailed envelopes make!

You will NEVER mail out anything objectionable or pornographic. There are NO QUOTAS to meet and no one will be looking over your shoulder. You can work as much or as little as YOU WANT!

It doesn’t matter where you live! Whether you come from a big city, or live in a small town. Now you can earn that extra money you need to catch up on those overdue bills, or simply to enjoy a BETTER LIFE!!

The step-by-step instructions supplied with your Complete Home-Mailing Kit are so simple that a child could understand them! But the best part is that you can accomplish everything necessary for this program in as little as one to two hours per day! This is one of the EASIEST ways to IMMEDIATE PROFITS FROM HOME! It is truly the “ULTIMATE” in home-mailing programs!

You can become a permanent home-mailer in this ‘HIGH PROFIT” PROGRAM with a one-time registration fee of ONLY $24.95. To receive your “COMPLETE HOME-MAILING KIT”, containing everything you need to start earning FAST PROFITS the very same day that you receive it, simply click on one of the PayPal buttons to place your order today via Credit/Debit Card or ECheck! Your order will be RUSHED via fast first class mail!

Remember, this program pays you TWO WAYS...and NEVER requires you to purchase ANY postage stamps or envelopes, EVER!...for as long as you stay in the program!...Order today! Because once our quota for homeworkers is reached...this offer will be withdrawn!

Our “Complete Home-Mailing Kit” is guaranteed to contain everything promised or you may return it ANYTIME, within 30 days, and you will receive an IMMEDIATE REFUND! NO QUESTIONS ASKED! But supplies are avoid disappointment ACT NOW!

As a special bonus to readers of this web page that respond to this offer you will receive FREE BONUS GIFTS worth $300 just for trying our program!

The $300 bonus gifts are yours to keep even if you return the program for an IMMEDIATE REFUND...How can you lose? If you’ve ever thought about making EXTRA MONEY from home...Here’s the chance to do it!

“I am very happy with this program! It’s enabled me to make over $2000 a week!” - Tina B., NY

“I only fill envelopes for about two hours a day and I’m making over $300 per day!” - Jeff H., TX


Why Do You Need Home Mailers?

The reason we need home mailers is because we do not wish to hire regular employees to handle the task of mailing our circulars due to it putting a great strain on the company's budget. Hiring regular employees would require us to pay out salaries and employee benefits, as well as requiring more office space and several other expenses that are very costly. It is much easier and less costly for us to have independent home workers like you working as home mailers to send out our circulars. This simply gives you the opportunity to make money from home working at your own pace and with your own schedule. Recruiting home-workers is a winner for everyone!

The greatest satisfaction we get out of giving people this opportunity to make incredible amounts of money, is reading letters from our home mailers throughout the country that explain how we’ve drastically changed their lives for the better.

How Much Money Can I Expect To Make? Can I Make A Good Income At Home Doing This?

The amount of money you can make all depends upon how much time and effort you devote to it. However, you should expect to work 1-3 hours per day to generate a weekly income of $500-$3000. Again, the results will vary from person to person.

If I Live Outside Of The United States, Am I Still Eligible To Work As A Home Mailer?

Yes, you may participate in our program from anywhere in the world. We have many individuals outside of the US that are participating in our program and are doing GREAT with it, and so can you! If you are not fully satisfied with the information and how it applies to your country, simply return the materials for a full refund.

How Do I Get Paid And When Are Wages Paid Out?

Payments will be mailed out to you in a form of a check or money order under your name and will be mailed to your home address on a weekly basis. Our system is programmed to ensure that the correct payment goes to your account when addresses are received by our company. Normally your wages will be mailed to you within three business days after your work is completed.

Can I Set My Own Hours And Have Complete Control Over My Schedule?

Absolutely! You are able to choose the hours and days you wish to work, giving you complete control over your schedule. You can mail the circulars as little or as often as you wish. It’s completely up to you!

What Is The Content Of The Circulars?

The circulars are promotional advertisements that promote our various hot selling informational business opportunity publications and programs! Our circulars are always in high demand! The circulars are not, in any way, offensive and do not contain any pornographic or illegal material at all.

Do You Provide Names And Addresses To Use For Mailing The Circulars?

Yes, in the Members Only Area of our website we provide a resource of names and addresses at no additional cost for mailing our circulars immediately!

How Much Experience Do I Need To Work As A Home Mailer?

NONE! There is absolutely NO previous experience required. This program has been designed especially for people with little or no business experience. We provide you with simplified step by step instructions in the Work At Home Mailing Circulars program, making it very easy for you to start. We give you complete assistance through every step to ensure your success. All business can be done by mail from your home.

Will I Have To Claim Taxes On My Earnings?

You will be considered an independent home worker. You will not be an employee of our company, therefore we will not be deducting taxes from your commissions. You will be receiving your payment due in full without any deductions for taxes. You are responsible for reporting your own income for tax purposes.

Do I Have To Pay Any Other Fees After I Pay The Registration Fee?

Absolutely NOT! You will NEVER be required to pay any additional deposit or registration fee. Ever!

Why Is There A Registration Fee And What Does It Cover?

The registration fee covers our expense in getting you started and guarantees you can work with us as long as you desire. You will not be required or asked to pay for any additional information, manuals, or instructions. Though we would like to send you our program without the small charge, we must protect ourselves from those who are not serious and have no intention other than to satisfy their own curiosity. This small charge assures us that you are serious and willing to make a commitment to our company and program. There is no need to be concerned about this one-time fee because once you’ve submitted your first 20 circulars, we will immediately refund you this initial registration fee in double.

Is The Registration Fee Refundable?

YES! The registration fee will be refunded to you immediately after you have submitted your first 20 circulars. Also, if you try our system, and find that you are not 100% totally satisfied with the program, you will receive a prompt refund under our policy. The fee ensures us that you are serious and willing to make a commitment to our program as well as covers the materials you will be receiving.

How Can I Be Sure Your Company Is Legitimate?

This is one of the best questions we have ever received. First of all, congratulations on being skeptical. Let us try to help you make a decision in regards to working with our program by asking you a question…

What Would We Gain From NOT Providing A Legitimate Opportunity?

If we failed to live up to our promises, word of mouth would spread like wildfire and we would gain nothing but bad publicity. Companies online survive by being honest and treating their home workers and/or customers with respect and fairness. We have received many encouraging and thankful emails from our customers who have found our company to be one of the only ones online offering something of value. We hope that you will take a chance on us and perhaps you will also come to find our offer not only lucrative but reliable, honest and fair.

How Long Will It Take Until I Receive My Work At Home Mailing Circulars Package?

After we receive payment we begin processing your order, which usually takes 2 to 4 business days, depending on our volume of orders. Your Complete Home Mailing Kit is then shipped to you via USPS. Although it generally takes a lot less time, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery from the date of your order before contacting us. If you still have not received your order within the 4 to 6 weeks, we will immediately send out a second Kit to you. The free bonus software downloads will be available to you when you get your Complete Home Mailing Kit.