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Inside the Gigabeat MEGF10

Hi guys! I have oppened my Gigabeat MEGF10 for maintenance.
I can`t send it to Toshiba`s Assistance because they are in Japan,
and I live in Brazil.

My gigabeat only loads half way and it gets frozen and my computer
does not recognize the drive.  So please if you know something to do about
this I would really apreciate that. My email is
Video about my problem: click here to download.

Solution for this problem:

You can install the Rockbox, a good improved firmware with video playing, gaming and more on Gigabeat. More info about rockbox project and download here:

Sorry, my english is not good, I training it. Please be patiently.

CAUTION: be very careful when you open your gigabeat. Some models
are manufatured with plastic pieces and it`s so easy to broken.

Discovering Gigabeat:
1- Take out top and bottom covers
2- Unscrew
3- Remove the covers
4- Inside the Gigabeat
5- Jog flat
6- Battery
7- Toshiba`s 1.8" Hard Disk
8- Gigabeat disassembled

First Step
Take out top and bottom covers


Front view - Inside Gigabeat

Behind LCD display

Behind View - There is HDD

Behind HDD

Flat connector

Toshiba`s 1.8" mini drive

This mini drive are very pretty. His aspect likes an PCMCIA card. This disk haves 10GB.
In detail: a little orifice in the surface. Yes guys, hard-disks aren`t pressurized or filled with
gases, as many people insist (at least in Brazil).

Gigabeat Disassembled

1- Gigabet covers
2- Gigabeat unit
3- Jog
4- Battery
5- Top and bottom covers
6- Toshiba`s 1.8" Hard Disk
7- Silicon ant-impact module, with Baterry On/Off button and four botton screws.

Find Informations about Gigabeat in web are very hard to find.
If you are looking for help, I suggest these webs:

This insanity are executed at Saturday 6, August, 2005 by Ricardo T. Kawano in Porto Alegre - Brazil.
For questions, contact-me at Forum, Gigabeat in Orkut or by email:

All Photos are clicked with Sony DSC-W5

There is my lab