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Associate Banners


We have banners (at the end of this page) that you may use to promote your site. We recommend that you place them on your own home page, swap them with other sites or use them in the free banner exchange networks (such as the Link Exchange). Check out the marketing tips page for advice and links to banner exchange services.

How to download these banners to your server:

1.Using the RIGHT mouse button (on a Mac computer, hold down the single mouse button), click on the banner you wish to download.

2.A small pop-up menu will appear offering you a "save as..." or "download image..." option to save a copy of the image to your local hard drive.

3.Download it to a directory where you can find it. Most banners are fully compliant with the Link Exchange and most other banner exchange networks. Feel free to modify and adapt these banners to your content theme and site name. If you don't find one that suits your tastes or needs, feel free to design your own banners.

First United Group - Credit Cards


Finding major credit cards for everyone


Also, Crecon Banner Creation is a site for you folks that would like some creative influence, but want the basics done for you. It is a banner creation service that provides some hip and happening backgrounds and you supply the inputs. Please be aware that this service is in no way affiliated with Credit USA, INC, and any and all concerns or complaints regarding it should be directed to Crecon.