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       Carnivores are animals which eat other animals. You've heard of the food chain?  Well... carnivores are at the top of it.  Carnivores eat other animals, which in turn eat plants,  which get and store energy from the sun.  It's one big circle.  The only animals that eat carnivores are bigger carnivores. .  

       Carnivores also have a very simple digestive system because meat is easier to break down into energy than vegetable matter. 

        Examples of these animals are: lions, tigers, bears, crocodiles, alligators and many more. Not only do they eat carnivores like themselves, they also eat other animals which are herbivores and omnivores. 

         Carnivores also have a very simple digestive system because meat is easier to break down into energy than vegetable matter.

      Scientists classify carnivores (remember that some of them, like the raccoon, eat all kinds of food) based on the fact that they have teeth made for grasping and tearing and they are very well coordinated, flexible and usually fast.

A carnivorous animal is one that eats meat. Because of this term, animals in the Order, Carnivora are generally thought to be animals that are meat-eaters. This can be misleading because there are some animals that eat meat that are not carnivores and some animals that do not eat meat that are carnivores. Animals in the Order, Carnivora, are grouped together because of similarities of dentition and body structure. Today, the Order of Carnivores is grouped into eleven families:
bulletDogs (foxes, wolves, jackals)
bulletCats (lions, tigers, small cats)
bulletSkunks (weasels, badgers, otters)
bulletRaccoons ( coatimundi, kinkajous)
bulletBears (and pandas)
bulletCivets (and genets)
bulletNow included in this Order are two families of seals and one of the walrus to make it eleven. Formerly, the last three were in their own Order but are now included in the Order of Carnivores. We do not have FAQs on these families on line at this time.

             You can find out more about carnivores or omnivores if you click on their respective links. If you want to know about how they survive

How they survive





           Mountain lions are carnivorous.  That means that they eat meat.  They eat small animals, deer and elk.  Sometimes they also eat cattle, sheep and horses.

They are stealthy...



            They are very secretive and hard to find.  They are usually found in brushy and rocky areas.  They are very territorial.  These animals are beautiful but they can be very dangerous.  Be very very careful if you go into their territory.